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>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report" with rebecca cooper. you for joining us. we a are gearing up for the comg election. ballot with implicatio for economy and our personal portfolio. reaeason it became a househehold name. he was right when he said t thee is one issue ended as the stupid. these elections have party had on our regional economy. the economies are spending heavily here. big money over gambling in
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washington, d.c. is the univee forr hired to help man the force for what has become e most expensive campaign cycle. here to assess the outcome for meanace and what it could wlet,he man who is see d during the mpaign bruce, the host of the micichael from also l.e washingt business journa thahank you to you a. i have been threatening to take to be on the ow. thank you for joining u you have been looking at thesee start w with want to interviewou did withh the chaian of mgm grand. alked to you about what he for the casino if it is to be built.. a listen to what he had to say. >> we would like to build an
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resort wou fine dining, restaurants, a great retell, spas, hotel roomsthat to maryland.people it is a different proposition than what is existin today andnd certainly far better than t the competition. u us more about what he is promising. they are promising not just a deination but an iconic destination. a details guy and he thought about t national and the opportunity this represents ended the sort of g you would do to bud special, at the sort thing that has bebeen copied in las vegas. something that is sight. a history major and as who likes architectcture,
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he has a special vision this place, he is surprised so clclose.ion is one of thehe reasons he was in was that so t the vision they have e can go forwa. >> so much is at statake. that is why viewersre beieing with advertisements. what you g get the sense he meas byby an iconic destination? >> he wants to build d an mgm grgrand-like facility. more than a casino. it is what you have to go to las for right now, in order to kind of resorte atmosphere with gaming. s talking about really feeding off of the monuments, views they have of washington, the accecess they he the airport. this is a perfect location, he
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says, for somethingg grand thaht other locations, you cld not have. it is really tight, -- >> de want to call it? >> i do not know. to call.ost too close to believe it willl probably pass. believerince george's county forhis. vote >> lot of religus leaders are not liking it. the washington post said it is for the state. i want to turn to some othe things. way you thihink it is going to go? >> you have to y it is close. you can fill from the amount of momoney that it is stillll in p. we have a gambling money fighting a gambling propositioi. not talkingbout a addictition oa people saythings
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they wanted defeated. they a using this nion of, politicians have likeded to st. they said it would put moneyey into education and look at our schools.s. this ian argument th has hold. why he was in town the otheher day. want theo not competition. want to bring you into this discussion not about gambling but i want you to wagern two scenars. outcome off the campaign if mitt to be what would the business to manage the expect to see aboshing obamacacare. we know he c cannot do that.
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whatid youou predict he would impact the business community? >> there is not a lot he can do day onone. he has been promising to do so much. stop hyperboleo now. we would take a $10,000 bet issue. the big thing is cracking down china and makaking that a first prrity. that is a major talking point in ohio and that takes time to ramp up. you have to set the wheels in motion to get results. asking for more t time, down anix monthso lay agenda, aax reform, to get his hands on the budget. when you have a campaign without want toils on how you e budget, while closing deductions, it takes
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time t to negogotiate. >> donald trump was o on davivid letterman.n. he h had already made a wager tchallelenge barack obama his college transnscriptsts. oand on about why he supports mitt romney. dad letttterman sang, a look at your neckties. made in china. >> mitt romney comes down hard intellectual property theft you try toot like if hold them accountable, there is reversal and 2 i instantly sing up from t process. >>e need to get a break and t to hear whi y would think about obama. it will bring in our full rounud table. stay w with . discuss inlot to this campaign. i gott when my internet here was faster thanmy at my office.
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>> we areack talking about
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for the election could mean with bruce of new on news channnnel 8. welcome to you all.. alk out the scenario o obama administration. who like ben bernananke insist when e market had a bad because of all of t the ncern over an article saying bernanke may lee bere term expires. people sayhe mararket does notot care. abobout earnings. about that. how much is the business communitpaying attention to t term??ama >> p people matter but the first iscall cliff and budget sequestration. they're putting out press about the need get handle on these issues itit ishat affects them the
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momost. about thee bebeen rding details that he t talked about o try to get a deal. they did not get o one. how theylks about to wait for the election. convinceded of f the elections will decidide. balalance o of por have, someone is going to have t to give up for us to have anan agreement we have a lot about thetalking chances for a deal without the terms are. once we get those in a ccrete bettere will be in a what is t to evaluate gogoing on. like this will be mandate on the fiscal cliff. >> jonathahan is saying there ia quieiet grououp to say, it mimit if we have bececause we will some cuts, we will look at a
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as wallefense spending, see it that way? willll that be -will there be the market if we fall e fiscal clefs? >> we cannot predict what the o butket is going to d washingt tends to ignore them. they interpret the blount -- we cannot predict anything that never stotops pitical pundits. want you to predict some morere things. a lot t of people keeping an eye on a marand ce that has a lot ofof attention b both men on the show nexweek. john delanie running against roscoe bartlett. he i very well-likedy the community but john is successfu businessman. last debate.ed their going tothink is for the economy? >> roscoe bartlett is an
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endangered incumbents. >> they reach through his district. yes, hisistrict is a mu more it demratic district and before. the district was wired for a different democrat. john delanie is there mamaking e argument thahat a ceo i is whate need right now to hp get the arod,y turned partrticularly in job creaon. some peoeople sai it sounds you areaking the cacase for course he is t. from the business community. roscoe bartlett is a self-styled man with some ability too point streak inindependent energy andtheratters. a t of f analysts have said this
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his race to losose because -- michael,'m going to talk t to written about how ch money has been put into our regi thanks tohe cpaign. that will be a losing proposition. there e other things at stake. what are the m most important races? talk too us about the virginia toe when it comes down george allen. >> another close contest. this region is filled w with cle contests. major implications state, and nationwide. it is hard to get a feefor him becacause i thinknk the business cocommunity is respoing well t allen's call, espially regar to sequestration. and they like tim kane, too.
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whether theyis feel good about hisroposasal to theush tax cuts to expire for the higher income earnrners. was up there before the n fit thed i did feeling the business leaders happy with that. it may be plning a betr i in northern virginia. there are many reasons to watch in this week he will have obama-romney, who is better of theess on each issues. a good read gentlemen, and thank you. wish we could talk aboutut this hour but me is called. you want to stay ahehead on the world, a lesson on h how to get ahehead in tndustry. but first, let's turn to the federal hot minute. there are numerous awards coprams that recognize the accomplishments of
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professionals whether they are the government or a contract. one awa is the r rising star awards which focuses on young made inonals who haveve early march in the technology community. program is coordinated 1105 stered by the computer group. weref the rising stars wednesday.last as the government strives to performance, the risingion to stars and to the organizers o forecogninizinghe theheset t contriributionons of younung pele. goo f for the list of younung pele. g[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job b. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standa at citibank. >> the beatles were right, we fromy with a little help our friends. is back tomelissa lk about the iortance off fighting a mentor. she uses her years of knledge experience as the found
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infortion experts, aa communications firm. here todayith amanda fisher. ladies, welcome. we have e toave you on frequently. anyone ting to start their own in theiror geby industry, en you are starting, have many meors you could turn to. would you do when you do not? find them or make mistakekes? what to you do? >> witut mentors, you stumble lot. he makake a a lot of mistakes ae still a lot of time. alone.l know, for mei felt very alone because i had no oneo go to. onreasonhy i love to give back is because of thahat feelig of community. it is really important to get you through the hard times.
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ogether a key group of advisers that have been in your success. >> i have certain peopleround find myself looking for that i can go to as i continue to grow talk to usbout ways you a mentor can help. first of all, how did you meet up? did you know about heard? >> we shara lot of the same the network but i hadad never met her and we saw each stopped for a little bit. i i was not actually invited too that the event. partners was. he said,hould i gogo to this and herid yes because saw on it. told hihim we had to et her.
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>>hat is great. stock your mento shshe isenerous wi her time. generous in gat about doining that. give me an example of f so s she helps you avoid. honestly i ink that she is be hehelping morgan -- me with biggerfuture challenges. so far she has helped me to be le to choose the right partners in my biness. partnerand there are reasons you need to make sure th your values match up w with have aa in order to successful partnerip. told me what to look out be wary of. to >> i always tease you a abo your energy level. what is in it for you? business,s, why t take on extra work?
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>> it is fununny, i oftenn say runninmy business is my day passion iing is my get a lotf sap -- satisfacti witheing them do well their businesses. >> ia networking or hoshould people go about looking for their mentor? >> ty hahave to be out ere and open for help. when they find someone was accomplished, ached o and what you neneed. >> much more on your book, something use as one of our bibles in the business world. amanda, good luck to you. next, our number off the week.
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